3 Reasons Why...We Love PlayPress Eco-Friendly Playsets

3 Reasons Why...We Love PlayPress Eco-Friendly Playsets

We absolutely love Playpress! 💚 A family-owned business (like ours!), they offer a fabulous range of eco-conscious toys.

These small but mighty boxes contain everything you need to build a set and play for hours - perfect for 3-10 year olds 🤩  

Cleverly designed so they don't cost the earth, these eco-friendly @playpresstoys sets encourage creative play to develop your little one's key motor and cognitive skills.

🌈💭 Varied creative play: All PlayPress sets can be switched up, adjusted and connected, so there’s no limits on imagination and every playtime is different.

✈️🚗 Compact and lightweight: making them perfect for travelling - also perfect for sending as gifts!

🌍♻️ Eco-conscious: Made in the UK from sustainable materials plus vegetable-based inks and water-based glues that are vegan, biodegradable and ocean-friendly.

From safari animals and pirates to farms and lifeboats, there are so many to choose from! Head to our Playpress Collection to see the full range 👀

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