Tips For Using An Award-Winning Solid Dish Washing Bar

Tips For Using An Award-Winning Solid Dish Washing Bar

Every day around 8 million pieces of plastic end up in the ocean {1} 

But there is hope, solid dish washing bars cut out the need for some of this plastic. They are usually more cost-effective too, our 64g bar is equivalent to a 400ml bottle of washing-up liquid and will last approx 2 months! 

We absolutely love the Battle Green Solid Dish Washing Soap Bars, which has won not one but THREE Beauty Shortlist Awards, including 'Best Eco Cleaning Product of 2021 (Kitchen)🏆

Battle Green make their vegan and plastic free dish soap bars using the cold process method with 100% organic coconut oil, a dash of UK white clay for a hint of scrubbiness, and some gorgeous essential oils. Eucalyptus is deodorising and effective at cutting through grease, with a clean, fresh scent, while Lemongrass has antibacterial properties and a bright, uplifting scent 🍋 A real multi-tasker, these bars don't stop at washing dishes - they will also remove stains and clean surfaces!  Additionally, they come in minimal packaging, wrapped in compostable paper printed with plant inks - a true eco-warrior of a product! 

Because the dish washing experience is very different to liquid washing up liquid, we have put together some helpful tips for using a Solid Dish Washing Soap Bar...

🌟Tip 1:

Invest in a soap dish or tray to store your new Dish Soap Bar. Not only will this help keep your bar dry and last longer, it will also prevent a soggy bottom and stop it slipping all over the place.

🌟Tip 2:

Use inconjunction with a brush for dirty dishes. Rub the brush straight into the bar, wet the dish and scrub away. Perfect to use with our eco-friendly Long-Handled Dish Brush and Bamboo & Sisal Pot Scrubbers!  We recommend leaving very dirty pots and pans to soak in hot water before cleaning. 

🌟Tip 3:

Place the Dish Soap in the sink and fill with hot water. This won't cause any bubbles but instead, the water will go cloudy. Use a plastic-free cloth to clean glasses and dishes which aren't heavily soiled. If you notice any residue on dishes from the Dish Soap, rinse with water before leaving to dry.


this has intrigued me so i will have to try it!


I didn’t feel confident trying a dish soap bar until reading this! Thank you!


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