Top Eco Tips for Children's Bathtime

Top Eco Tips for Children's Bathtime

There are lots of ways to go plastic-free and to be more eco-friendly at bathtime.  We believe in making small swaps, at a pace that is right for you and your family, so help teach your little one's to be eco-conscious from an early age by following whichever of the below tips work best for you. ♻


1. Ditch plastic bottles
Help save the planet by ditching plastic bottles for shampoo and body wash.  Rowdy Kind bars have formulated their bars with as much active ingredients as two 250ml bottles of shampoo! The Solid Body & Hair Wash Bars are an absolute hit with our little ones! Handmade in the UK, these plastic-free, zero-waste Kid's Hair & Everywhere Solid Wash Bars from are perfect for getting your kids looking and smelling their best.

Scented with a sweet, citrusy tangerine scent and naturally coloured with mica, the bars are suitable for head to toe. 🍊  A far more sustainable and zero waste approach to your children's bath time routine! 🧼♻

2. Minimise water usage

An easy eco-swap to make at kids bath time is simply to not overfill the bathtub, most children are happy with just a few inches of water to splash around in!  babies can also be bathed in a sink or smaller tub to further reduce the amount of water required.  When our boys were little, we bought a dam for the bath which meant it was a lot smaller and thus reduced the amount of water we had to run.  Also consider the temperature, there's no point running a really hot bath to then have to cool it with cold water.  Not only does heating the water up to a higher temperature use more energy, but extra cold water is then wasted in the the process of cooling it down!  Good for the environment and for your wallet, with the rather ridiculous energy bill costs we have at the moment. 🛁

If your children are happy to, then bathing together really helps reduce water usage and waste - our boys absolutely love playing together (minus the odd disagreement over bath toys!).  Which leads me onto the next easy eco-swap for bath times...


3. Choose plastic-free bath toys

The traditional plastic squirting bath toys (often in the shape of a turtle or dolphin!) aquatic animals are cute and fun for a while, but they can cause serious issues, and not just in their mass-production and use of plastic. The direct problem is the tiny holes that are used for squirting - they allow the water to enter but not to completely empty and dry out.  This creates the ideal environment for mould and other dangerous bacteria to grow. 🦠

These brightly coloured Natural Rubber Bath Toys were an instant hit with our boys (although it does mean there is often a lot of excited roaring at bath time). 🦖 Easily cleaned and handmade from natural rubber and 100% biodegradable, these are a great alternative to plastic toys.  There is no hole and therefore no risk of water getting inside, so no risk of mould building up inside!  Textured, natural and soft these fabulous dinosaurs also make a lovely chewy baby toy for when your little one is teething. 🦕


4. Swap plastic-toothbrushes for bamboo

Bamboo grows both quickly and in abundance making it a highly sustainable material to use. It’s also completely biodegradable, meaning that it can be composted or recycled at the end of its life.  

Start your little one’s eco journey early with these extra-soft bristle Eco baby Toothbrushes or Children's Bamboo Toothbrushes, crafted with FSC® 100% certified sustainably-grown bamboo, they are BPA free, 100% biodegradable, and vegan. 

The bristles used on the toothbrushes are also vegan and BPA Free, making them kinder to your little one's teeth than traditional plastic bristles.  This pack of 4 comes packed in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging (printed with vegetable inks) to ensure a completely plastic-free product.  

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