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Eco Friendly Laundry Sheets - 64 pack

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A fabulous and simple eco alternative to chemical laden, plastic-packaged laundry detergents.   Zero Waste Club are (rightly so) incredibly proud of their laundry sheets - a really small product, with a really big impact!  

Made from naturally-derived materials that are vegan and biodegradable, these eco-friendly and plastic-free laundry sheets come in a fully recyclable Kraft paper envelope.  

The costs are kept low as there is no expensive packaging to pay for and transporting these sheets has a much smaller cost and carbon footprint than big bulky detergents. 

Comes in a pack of 64 sheets. Your choice of unscented or naturally scented with flax to give a light, fresh scent and packaged 100% plastic-free.

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Product Info

Comes in a pack of 64 sheets.

One sheet is needed for a small wash and two for a large wash, which equals 10p per wash for a small wash and 20p for a large wash!

Packaging made from 100% recycled and recyclable brown Kraft paper.

Why we love this Brand

We absolutely love the Zero Waste Club, in fact they were the very first company we ever ordered with! Not only do they plant a tree for every item that they sell and have plastic-free packaging, but they also offer complete transparency on the origins of all their products.

How to Use

Super simple to use. Take a sheet and pop it in your washing machine!

These laundry strips will dissolve in your (hot or cold) load, making them completely zero-waste. Not only do they really work but they are vegan, hypoallergenic, paraben-free, phosphate-free, chlorine bleach free and free from added dyes. They can also be used for hand-washing.


Betaine (From Coconuts), Diethanolamide (From Coconuts), Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether (From Coconuts), Silicone oil (From natural Silica), Flax Scent (From the Flaxseed Plant), Sodium citrate (From Citrus Fruits), Silicon dioxide (From Natural Silica), Edible starch (From the Cassava Plant), Bentonite (Formed from Natural Volcanic Ash & Sea water), Clay (From the earth), AES (From Coconuts), Sodium C14-16 Olefin sulfonate (From Coconuts), Glycerol (from vegetable fats), Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulphonate - biodegradable - ranked 1/10 by EWG (lowest possible score - lower the better), Sodium fatty acid methanesulfonate - 1/10 score, Sodium acetate trihydrate - fully biodegradable, 13-carbon isomeric alcohol ether (otherwise known as Tridecyl Alcohol) - fully biodegradable - scored 1/10 on EWG, Polyvinyl Alcohol - biodegradable in most conditions - scored 1/10 on EWG

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sue Orchard
Best washing sheets yet!

I am currently trying out all the eco wahing sheets and comparing price and effectiveness. I am doing this for two reasons, one is for our local recycling/eco friendly group page and the other is because I am a pensioner who is also supporting my daughter and her family with some washing as she recovers from a serious illness. So far they have all been too expensive as all my loads are large ones! None have effectively removed stains without any pre treating (I don't want to do this). I was amazingly surprised with these wonderful sheets and I may not continue with my 'research'! If the laundry load is in need of freshening up rather than a 'good' wash then one sheet is fine for a big load. Grubby children's clothes need two sheets for a big load but they come out lovely and clean. Really tough stains are not always removed entirely but if it's a sunny day then the sun will naturally bleach the remaining stained area and hey presto, all good. The smell is absolutely lovely but if smells are not your thing then there are also unscented sheets. I am totally going to replenish my supplies.

K Parker
Laundry sheets

Arrived quickly and seem to do the job ok.
Will use again.

Debra Stone

Have used these on a few washes now, and very pleased with the results, which appear to be as efficient at cleaning as my old huge box of powder. The scent is pleasant but not overpowering and you can use one or two sheets depending on the volume of your wash - can even tear one in half if just washing a couple of items. They are in recyclable packaging, are biodegradable and plastic-free which is great for the environment but they are still effective and do the job. The packet takes up hardly any cupboard space and I don't have to haul around heavy packets/bottles any more - win win!